Framer Explorations

I started playing around with Framer at the beginning of 2016 because I was interested in both animation and code. These are some of the prototypes I created over the course of a year as I developed my skillset using Framer.


When Apple released iOS 10, they introduced several new additions to iMessage. I prototyped an idea to add a poll directly inside of iMessage.


Pinterest provides some shortcuts when a pin is longpressed. I decided to extend this shortcut by allowing a user to select a board from pre-selected options, shortening the process of saving a pin.


This was an exercise to animate an element through several stages of an interaction -- in this case, a dark blue button used throughout the process of saving a note. I also used Jordan Dobson's Input Field module.


I used the idea of a history timeline to connect two elements (the timeline and the content cards) and animate them at the same time.

JULY 2016

After reading that birthdays are one of the least commonly completed form fields, I came up with this alternate idea for how else to enter a birthday on a mobile phone.

JUNE 2016

I used a path on a map to practice animating SVGs. I used Josh Puckett's SVG module here.

MAY 2016

This was one of my first explorations in Framer -- adding a bit delight when you press a radio button.