Simple Registration

The quantity and quality of our merchants are central to Groupon's success, and improving the new merchant experience was highlighted as an area of improvement in 2017. The new simple registration form streamlines the process of becoming a Groupon merchant.


The registration form on the Groupon site is the first step in becoming a merchant with Groupon. The form was lengthy, split into two pages, and the fields themselves weren't clear in guiding the merchant on how to fill them out. This project's goal was to increase the conversion rate of those who landed on the page to those who filled out the form.


Since this is the first step on a merchant's journey, it needs to be lightweight. I wanted to ask the merchants for the least amount of information as possible before we've really given them anything in return. First, I stripped the form of any field that wasn't necessary at this stage in the merchant process and divided the remaining fields into two parts -- Your Business and Your Contact Information. Defaults, field formatting, and helpful, clear placeholder text make the form faster to fill out and less overwhelming to a prospective merchant.


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Page 1

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